Dr Jae and pregnant mum

Mamas Hive Perinatal Wellbeing Support

Look after your mind and body throughout pregnancy and the 4th trimester

As the queen of your hive, you deserve all the love, nurturing and support that your family, friends and health team can offer.

Jae is here to help you through this transitionary phase known as matrescence, so that you feel empowered and able to trust your own maternal instincts with your baby.

Personalised plans are available to suit the support you may be needing.

Starting in late pregnancy together we will seek clarity on what parenting means to you, cultivating your own vision on motherhood, while preparing your mind and body to navigate matresence.

After the birth of your child your support may include birth healing, tools to help with exhaustion and overwhelm, self-care, nurturing your body and mind, changes that arise in personal relationships, breastfeeding/chest feeding establishment, your community of support and dealing with any other challenges that may arise.



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Find out more about how Chiropractic care might assist during pregnancy.