The majority of techniques that we use are low force (non manipulative) and therefore suit people who don’t like to hear the ‘popping’ sound of an adjustment to the spine.

Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a low force chiropractic technique that uses a hand held instrument to release built up tension from the spinal cord and has an overall balancing effect on the spine and cranium.

Activator Methods (AMCT) technique uses a hand held instrument to adjust the spinal segments that are subluxated. This low force technique is suitable for babies through to seniors.

Webster’s technique – is specifically used with women in pregnancy who may have a baby that is malpositioned, either transverse or breech. It allows the pelvis and spine to become more balanced and in doing so baby may be able to get into the optimal position for birth.

Cranial techniques – are used with both newborns, older babies, children and adults. These are very gentle hand held adjustments that balance the cranial bones and associated soft tissues to relieve tension that may be affecting overall balance to the nervous system.